Sports Technology
The project documentation’s section ”Technological solutions. Sports technology” is developed for projects regarding all kinds of sports facilities or facilities that include rooms meant for visitors with all levels of athletic performance who want to engage in sports activities.
Principal technological solutions for allocating and equipping the design object’s functional zones influence constructive and engineering solutions, including water supply, canalization, ventilation, electric power supply etc.
The object’s architecture, floor load, installation sites for concrete inserts, drawn-off points for utilities system are specified only after having developed the project section “Technological solutions”.
Documentation package in the section “Technology” is issued on the grounds of architectural and design solutions and includes:
• explanatory note
- description of the construction being designed;
- hours of operation;
- discharge capacity;
- manning table;
- sanitary and hygienic requirements;
- safety requirements;
-estimation of room categories
• graphical part:
-allocation schemes for technological flows;
-floor plans with equipment spotting;
-plans with equipment connection points to utility networks;
-a task to install concrete inserts.
• specification:
-a list of technological equipment with an indication of their quantity and characteristics.
• a technological task to work out the complementary sections ”General plan”, “Architecture”, “Water supply and sewage”, “Heating and ventilation”, “Electrical equipment”, “Communications systems” describes:
-the main functional zones and auxiliary rooms;
-mutual alignment of the rooms;
-requirements to the rooms (dimensions, illumination, electrical load, air change, temperature and humidity conditions)
The documentation being elaborated should to the full extent comply with RF Government Regulation from 16-02-2008 No. 87 “About the structure of project documentation sections and requirements to their content” and meet the requirements of RF regulatory documents in effect in the field of designing.