Preliminary design

A preliminary project is essentially requirements specification for designers. Designing a preliminary project is a creative process that requires professionalism, responsibility, seriousness and custom-tailored approach.

It’s after all necessary to specify not only the style and image of a future building, but also prepare main plan solutions, location of utility networks and allocation of door and window apertures. That’s why you should commit this type of work only to good designers with high experience.

The advantage of a preliminary project is the fact that it’s possible to calculate the approximate construction budget of a building and specify all necessary expenses.
It’s important to take into account a preliminary project’s full scope at development stage:
- developing floor plans;
- designing front elevation’s ideal look;
- displaying the sectional view of a building;
- specifying a construction’s total area;
- developing general design of a building’s roof;
- choosing main building materials;
- accomplishing a development master plan