General planning
The provision determines that project documentation for production and non-production capital structures should include 12 sections:
 Section 1 "Explanatory note"
 Section 2 "Land plot layout diagram"
 Section 3 "Architectural solutions"
 Section 4 "Constructional and space-planning solutions”
 Section 5 "Information about engineering equipment, utility systems, list of engineering and technical measures, content of technological solutions”. subsection "Electrical power supply system"; subsection "Water supply facilities"; subsection "Water disposal system"; subsection "Air heating, ventilation and conditioning, heating systems"; subsection "Communications networks"; subsection "Gas supply systems"; subsection "Technological solutions".
 Section 6 "Construction organization plan "
 Section 7 “Activities management plan for demolition and dismantling of capital structures”
 Section 8 "Action items list for environment protection”.
 Section 9 "Fire safety measures"
 Section 10 "Measures to ensure access for physically challenged”
 Section 10 (1) “Measures to ensure compliance with the requirements of energy efficiency and equipping buildings, constructions and installations with devices for measuring energy resources used".
 Section 11 "Cost sheet for building capital structures”.
 Section 12 "Other documents in cases provided by federal laws”.